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There are many add-ons for GoldMine. Our top picks are below.

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W-Mobile is a third-party product that allows smartphone users to access their GoldMine data

Using a simple and intuitive interface, W-Mobile gives real-time access to GoldMine from any browser-enabled phone or tablet.

  • View and edit your contacts, activities, opportunities and cases;
  • Do away with mail synchronisation worries by sending and receiving emails directly to and from GoldMine while out and about;
  • Use the Email Fetcher service on the server to capture emails sent from the phone′s own mail client;

GoldBox is a essential toolbox for many GoldMine users.

GoldBox logo

While GoldMine can handle basic imports and exports on its own, GoldBox can go much, much further. You can:

  • Import into any GoldMine table
  • Export from any GoldMine table
  • Set up automated data transfers
  • Perform sophisticated de-duping
  • Update GoldMine data

Produce professional quotations and invoices.

GoldBox logo

Quotewerks is a sophisticated quoting and invoicing tool. It takes contact details from GoldMine and can post quotes and invoices back to a contact record as a forecasted sale and/or a linked document.

  • Create complex pricing structures and base the price on the record type in GoldMine;
  • Produce, and keep track of, revisions;
  • Let Quotewerks keep track of your price list - no more searching through spreadsheets;
  • Far quicker than using Word or Excel, and gives a far more professional result.

Synchronise GoldMine with Microsoft Exchange at the server level

Riva logo

GoldMine users have a charmed life: everything that they need is at their fingertips in GoldMine. However, this can potentially cut them off from the rest of the company.

With Riva Exchange integration, however, they can remain in GoldMine but still share their contacts and calendars with everyone else - without having to worry about desktop-level Outlook integration.

Capture critical contact details into your database in one click!

AddressGrabber Business allows you to import contact details from any selected text into your database with just one click! Capture names and addresses from emails, web sites, online directories, chamber of commerce listings and a host of other sources instantly.

Find closest contacts

Imagine the scenario, you have to drive halfway across the country for a short meeting. Don″t waste the trip, using Closest Contact for GoldMine you can find your other customers and prospects quickly and easily within a specified distance from your meeting. Use Closest Contact for GoldMine to fill your days more productively and use the time away from the office to gain more sales and spend more time with your customers.

Ever wanted to send a sales campaign within a specified location? Use Closest Contact for GoldMine to target to all prospects. i.e starting point Leeds and within 30 miles to coincide with a special event. Using Closest Contact for GoldMine you can quickly find and build a group within GoldMine of all your contacts based on their postcode. You specify the distance, Closest Contact for GoldMine finds the data.

Holding a seminar and want to invite your customers? Don″t waste time and money sending invitations to people miles away, use Closest Contact for GoldMine and quickly build a group of prospects within an easy distance of the seminar venue. Say 50 miles. A few clicks and you have a group of GoldMine contacts for you to invite.

Closest Contact for GoldMine can be used as a real-time search list, bringing up records within GoldMine for you to call, email, or can be used to create groups of contacts, that you can then include in your telephone, mail or email campaigns.

Closest Contact only works within the United Kingdom.