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CRM is not primarily about software; it is about people and ways of working.

Our experience shows that there are 3 essential components in every successful introduction of a CRM project:

Individuals will best deliver what they are involved in creating; therefore we must engage the key drivers of the programme (including the board members) early on in the planning stages. This will ensure that the benefits of CRM are clearly identified and are aligned to overall corporate strategy. Successful programmes are 'pulled' into an organisation by its staff as well as being 'pushed' by management.

The greatest success will be guaranteed by ensuring that the key drivers are also your CRM champions. We can coach individuals, or entire teams, to help them to achieve the programme's objectives.

Once the programme is underway, regular communication must be maintained with staff at all levels, to broadcast successes arising from the project and to show how they benefit as individuals.

CRM projects that fail do so mainly through a lack of committment from management and staff. We can help you to ensure that your project succeeds.