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We are experts in migrating CRM data

Into GoldMine

GoldMine can handle simple data imports and exports simply and easily. However, more complex imports require specialist tools and in-depth knowledge of the data structures.

We can help you bring data into any part of GoldMine as a one-off excercise, or we can set up regular, automated transfers.

Do you want to import into the Calendar? Or into History? What about into Details, or even into the Lookup lists? All these areas, and more, are supported.

Out of GoldMine

We firmly believe that GoldMine is an excellent mid-market CRM product. However, we recognise that this is a volatile marketplace and that people do move on, for one reason or another.

We can extract your data and make it ready for transfer into another CRM system.

Unlike some of our competitors, we will present your data in such a way that it is clear and easily understandable. Your export will come to you as a series of Excel files, with comprehensive documentation so that you know what you're looking at. We translate the more arcane aspects of GoldMine's architecture into a straightforward form that is easy to import elsewhere.

Ask us for a sample to see how our export compares with a simple data dump.